Professional Dryer Vent Cleaning Service

Affordable Dryer Vent Cleaning Service in Virginia

If it’s been awhile since you called in a professional for dryer vent cleaning in VA, please contact Ashbusters Dryer Vent Cleaning service. Not only can we lessen your possibly of experiencing a dryer-related fire, but our services will make your dryer run more efficiently. If you’ve noticed that your machine is taking a little longer to thoroughly dry clothes or it’s becoming increasingly hot while in use, it is probably time to call your local Virginia dryer vent cleaner.

Get rid of the hidden fire hazard in your home and reap the benefits of increased energy savings by having our dryer vent cleaner in Virginia service your dryer’s system. The cost for this dryer vent cleaning service is surprisingly affordable and will pay dividends in the form of energy efficiency and peace of mind!

According to a recent study, more than 15,000 home fires are associated directly with dryer machines each year in the United States. On average, these fires result in millions of dollars in property damage and repairs every year. When lint builds up in your dryer vent or exhaust duct, it can easily lead to devastating fires. A burning dryer can be difficult to put out, leading to an extremely violent fire. Additionally, clogged vents can drop dryer efficiency, costing you money in utility bills every month. With regular maintenance, you can also increase the overall performance and lifespan of your dryer.

When should I have my vents cleaned?

If you can’t remember the last time you had your dryer vent cleaned out, call on our Fairfax dryer vent professionals today! We will utilize equipment built specifically for cleaning out your dryer vent, allowing us to prevent any future damage or fire. We will make sure your dryer vent is completely clear of any lint or debris.

Contact Ash Busters Chimney Sweep & Repair at (703) 821-2659 to schedule the service you need!

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